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XF 2.1 Nulumia XenDark / /

Nom de la catégorie Styles
Titre Nulumia XenDark \/ \/
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XenDark is a crisp, responsive dark theme for Xenforo 2 forum - and totally free! XenDark is a great multipurpose free Xenforo style for entertainment, technology, gaming forums or other genres.

XenDark also runs on a light edition of the Nulumia theme framework, which bundles hundreds of useful Style Properties and Xenforo enhancements directly into the theme. Works great with popular addons such as Xenforo Featured Threads Portal, TH Nodes Grid, and Xenforo Media Gallery !



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Features :
  • Fully Responsive
  • Tested with over 60 Xenforo 2 addons
  • Compatible with

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    (requires separate purchase)
  • Compatible with

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    for node grid support (requires separate purchase)
  • Full support for Xenforo Media Gallery & Resource Manager
  • Floating content or boxed layout
  • Easy to change color palette
  • Google fonts
  • Logo Photoshop PSD
  • Dozens of additional settings

Télécharger V2.1.6.0 :
Contenu caché
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Version Change log :

Framework changes
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Made numerous optimizations to Color Palette and Basic Color usage
    • Optimized templates
    • Fixed conditional styling of many sections under boxed or floating content layouts
    • Fixed some padding issues when using the full width layout
    • Added Style Properties to style tooltip popups for Members, Share, Bookmark etc
    • Matched styling of member tooltip popups to member profile pages
    • Added custom styling and Style Property for message-attribution items (Date, Rating, etc)
  • Node & discussion list
    • Further compatibility improvements with TH Nodes
    • Further appearance tweaks for the TH Nodes grid
    • Fixed an issue which could cause node icons not to display when TH Nodes was enabled
    • Style properties which were intended to target forum list elements (category headings, groups of nodes) will now strictly affect those elements, and will no longer affect similarly structured elements above or below the node list
  • Addon related
    • Compatibility fixes with Siropu Chat and Siropu Shoutbox
    • Fixed a bug affecting block-footer buttons on XenPorta article items

Télécharger V2.1.6.2 :
Contenu caché
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  • Framework Changes
    • Updated to Xenforo 2.1.8, merged all templates
    • Updated to Nulumia Framework 2.3.4 RC1
    • Numerous new codebase improvements
    • Renamed & reordered numerous properties within the [Nulumia] settings groups for better accessibility
    • The Structured Item Lists property group has been renamed to Discussion/thread list
  • Misc Improvements
    • Improved handling of block-link styling
    • Improved styling of data list tables
    • Added new "Flat style" setting to control how blocks and presented. By default, Xenforo uses inner padding for all block elements in a "container" style. This new setting allows blocks to be flattened and lose their container appearance, with no border, padding, or background. The flattened style will use a more floating appearance with inner content sitting over the body background. Useful for themes with minimal UI. (Available via the Blocks property group.)
    • Added new Footer Text properties to Basic Colors. (footerTextColor, footerTextColorDimmed, footerTextColorMuted, footerLinkColor, footerLinkHoverColor). Applied all properties within the Footer and [Nulumia] Advanced Footer groups
    • Added new Label Subtle property
    • Removed the "nl" prefix from several commonly used custom properties:
      • @xf-nlBlockHeadPaddingV -> @xf-blockHeadPaddingV
      • @xf-nlBlockHeadPaddingH -> @xf-blockHeadPaddingH
      • @xf-nlBlockFooterHeight -> @xf-blockFooterHeight
      • @xf-nlContentPadding-> @xf-contentPadding
    • Improved styling of all notice types
  • Header & Navigation
    • Added new theme hook location under_topbar_above_header to nulumia_themehook_macros
    • Added new properties to style links in the Staff bar
    • Fixed some bugs related to moving the Visitor Tabs placement to the top bar or logo row area
    • Improved the appearance of dropdown menus and spacing from their parent elements
  • Sidebar
    • Extended the sidebar properties to affect other sidebar locations, such as the Resource section and sidebars introduced by other addons
    • Improved spacing of elements within sidebar content rows
  • Forums & Node List
    • Improved appearance of the regular node list in all themes
    • Fixed a default Xenforo bug where last post author names would be clipped without using an ellipsis (...)
    • Fixed a bug where the node stats would not appear
    • Reactivated the alternating row colors setting for the node list
    • Improved contrast between hover & alternating row colors in all themes for better UI
    • Added new property to style the group of last post elements (author name, date etc)
  • Discussion List
    • Added new property to style Sticky items
  • Messages
    • Added new property to style mod-selected messages
    • Added new option to change the display of action/edit links within Messages: CTA button, primary button, or inline-links
    • Fixed some alignment issues with action/edit links and inline checkboxes
  • Member Profiles
    • Added new properties to style header labels, popup profiles and other elements
    • Usernames now always use Capitalized format. All uppercase usage has been removed from various themes
    • Changed the large user avatar on member profiles to a square format by default
  • Footer
    • Improved handling of width and inner spacing under various configurations, such as floating vs boxed layout, fixed vs fluid, etc
  • Addon Related
    • Updated custom templates for DragonByte Tech eCommerce
    • Misc improvements for Siropu Chat & Shoutbox
Release notes
Upgrading From Last Previous Version:
  • XML import only

This is a significant update spanning several Xenforo versions worth of changes, bugfixes & feature improvements.

Check out the changelog for full details !

Télécharger V2.1.8.0 :
Contenu caché
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Updated to Xenforo 2.1.8 Patch 2 (still runs on any 2.1.8x version)
Fixed a bug with the XML file which could cause the theme to appear glitched after import

Upgrading From Last Previous Version :
  • XML import only

This patch includes updated templates to Xenforo 2.1.8 Patch 2, and addresses a bug with the theme XML file which could cause the theme to appear glitched after import.

Télécharger V2.1.8.1 :
Contenu caché
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